Friday, April 01, 2011

Project of the Month - April

Hard to believe that the first quarter of the new year is already over. It was a good one, nothing bad happened, we adopted two new cats from outside into the house and Miss Kitty accepted them. The weather is dreadful and my garden is still in its planning stage for this year. One just can't dig in mud very well.
So, what major project to pick for April? Mmh, how about


I am planning on giving our house a good scrubbing from top to bottom this month, including mud room (now reclaimed from the cats since they moved into the house), porch (I hope to gain a nice bright stitching space out there) and basement (that is Del's project of the month ;-) ).

Other things on my project list for April:
  • get the garden started
  • knitting
  • reading
  • stitching
  • and - hopefully - working on some quilting projects (how does 'a block per day' sound?)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got enough to keep you going for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

I need to do some spring cleaning also. A block a go girl!!! I expect to see them all :D