Monday, April 30, 2007

The Good and the Not-So-Good

My day started pretty good. I had a lot of energy and a list of things I wanted to do. First I did my strength exercise, then I had an online chat with two friends. Next I read my Bible passage for today and the chapter for the Women of the Bible Study. Then I finished the bag I made for my Mom (the pattern for the little felted bag works very well for a bigger version). I used Sugar 'n Cream yarn, double stranded, a bit hard to work with as my hands are telling me today but it makes for a nice sturdy bag.
Then I made a Mother's Day card for my mom. It turned out just fine and I like it (I hope she will too).
Next I started working on my April piece for the 12 x 12 x 12 challenge, as usual a bit late. I had a great idea and set to work. I had some photos printed on fabric and since these pieces will never get washed I don't really care whether the ink is set or not. I was almost finished with the top when my &%$§/&% iron decided to leak all over it. I am sure you can imagine what it looks like now. I am mad as a hornet and I hope we have enough extra money for a new iron. I hate that thing. I am not going to try and safe anything from that piece, luckily I have enough of the materials I used to start over, but it is really frustrating when half a day's work gets destroyed in an instant, especially when you feel that you did a pretty good job with it. Argh!
The fact that Miss Kitty decided to deposit another hairball on the carpet did not really matter much anymore after that. ;)
Our sweet pastor challenged us yesterday to see something good in everything that happens to us this week. I guess the good in this is that I did not throw the iron through the closed window. :) I know, things could be a lot worse, I just hate to waste time (and fabric).


This is my version of the block for the Widow of Zarephath. The original block calls for 21 small appliqued diamonds and I don't want to do that. The original pattern is called dinner plate, so I just used a patterned fabric for the plate, I like it and since it is my quilt, that's just fine.

Friday, April 27, 2007


This is the block I had to stop working on when my eyes got so bad. It is the block for Rizpah and I used the English Paper Piecing Method for it. I chose colors to symbolize the elements of her story: Pink for the love of a mother, red for the shed blood of her sons, brown for the bare ground she sat on and dark purple for her grief. Her story can be found in 2 Samuel 21:8 - 10


I am always ready to try something new when it comes to crafts. I had tried felting before but I was not sure if it came out right. This time I found a pattern for a felted mini tote bag in my crochet calendar and since I still had some yarn left from my first try I decided to make it. Well, I think it is cute. ;) I took a picture of the bag before and after it got felted. I think the pattern will also work well with cotton yarn and there might be a mother's day gift for my mom in this.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Just finished another block, this is the one for Jezebel. I have a bit of a problem with these "bad girls" of the Bible. On one hand I'd like to use fabrics that symbolize their wickedness but on the other hand I don't want my quilt to become ugly. I think this combination is a pretty good compromise. ;)

Monday, April 23, 2007


Now that the issues with my bad eyesight have been resolved, I am (once again) catching up on my WOBQ blocks.
Today I finished the blocks for Leah and the Queen of Sheba. They are both machine appliqued. I decided to give up on hand applique for this project, it is just too time consuming and I'll never be able to get caught up.

More walking

After church and lunch on Sunday we went back to the Environmental Center, this time we walked a few of the trails in the nature reserve instead of the greenway. It was very warm and I really enjoyed all the young fresh greens all around me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Out and about on a Saturday

First thing we did this morning was sleep in. :) After a nice leisurely breakfast we went on our way. First we checked out the yard sale at our church, which benefits Relay for Life. We had contributed some stuff and it would not be a yard sale had we not bought something to even the score. :) I found two nice pieces of fabric and I never could resist a cute kitty cat. The whole purchase came to $1.25, which even we can afford.

After filling up the car we went to the Farmer's Market to check out what's available already. Oh how I wish I had a garden! The market was full with plants, flowers, tomatoes and herbs, lots of beautiful kitchen herbs! I know one thing, once I do have a garden, I will have purple and yellow flowers only, lots of veggies and lots of herbs. Since we have to wait at least another year until we will qualify for a mortgage, I have a lot of time to dream and plan.

After the market we drove to the Environmental Center and walked the greenway. It turned into quite the nature walk. In the parking lot I saw a lizard, which kindly posed for a picture.

My smart book about backyard fauna told me that it is an Eastern Fence Lizard, cute little thing, looks like a dragon. :)

We also saw a bunny (in the distance on the left side of the picture), Del caught a goose in flight and I really begin to appreciate the makro function on my camera for taking pictures of flowers and insects. The whole area is now bright green and looks like a jungle, we had plenty of rain and the level of the lake is high. We also saw lots of turtles, but did not get close enough for a picture and a chipmunk hiding in the undergrowth. I love walking there, hearing all kinds of birds and every so often something rustling in the dead leaves besides the greenway. It was nice and warm and sunny today, with just a little bit of a cool breeze. I hope the cold weather is now behind us and we can go walking more often. Here are the other photos.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


In 1962 (the year I was born in)

John F. Kennedy is president of the US

John Glenn becomes the first American in orbit when he circles the earth three times in the Mercury capsule Friendship 7

Cuban Missile Crisis occurs when Soviet offensive missile build-up is discovered

Cuban Missile Crisis is averted when President Kennedy and Soviet premiere Krushchev agree to remove missiles

Maryiln Monroe is found dead in her Los Angeles home

The drug thalidomide is recalled when it becomes linked with severe birth defects in thousands of children worldwide

Pantyhose becomes available for sale in U.S. department stores

Jim Carrey, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Cruise are born

New York Yankees win the World Series

Green Bay Packers win the NFL championship

Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley cup

Lawrence of Arabia wins the Oscar for best picture

The Beatles release their first recording: the single "Love Me Do"/"P.S. I Love You"

Johnny Carson debuts as host of The Tonight Show

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I am still trying to get used to my new glasses and it is not going very well. Something is very strange, I have to turn my head to the right in order to get a clear picture for reading, if I keep it straight I get a fuzzy spot on the right side. I am going back to the eye doctor on Thursday to find out if I can afford to have just the reading lenses put into one of my frames. I want them for reading and sewing around the house. I have not tried sewing with the new ones yet and I am wearing my old ones for crocheting and watching TV.
I have started two baby blankets and have picked out some fabrics for a baby quilt. I will make 6" snowball blocks and use some of my 30s repro fabrics for it. I don't know yet whether I'll be putting the baby stuff into my shop or give it away as presents.
The last picture is a teaser for my 12 x 12 x 12 challenge piece for April. Yes, I know, it is due on the 13th, but if I don't see any better soon, I'll be late again.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Well, sort of anyway. I got my new glasses and I am now trying to practice with them. I have to remember to look out the top part when I am moving around and I have already found out that I can NOT wear them when watching TV. I would have to sit up straight and keep my head still, usually I am laying around on the sofa or the floor when I am watching TV, so I am still using my old glasses which is okay, because my distance sight has not changed much. I have noticed that I can read much better now, but I have not tried sewing yet. The glasses make me feel a bit dizzy and I am not wearing them all day. I am way behind on all kinds of things and hope to be catching up soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

My little blog turns 1 today, how time flies. :)