Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Coming Back

 I was released from the hospital on April 22 and today, after more surgeries and painful procedures than I care to remember, I was declared physically healed. I cannot thank the nurses and doctors at the Plastic Surgery Clinic and the Burn and Plastic Surgery Ward at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC, enough for their excellent care. I will miss them.

Now that my physical wounds are healed it is time to focus on my mental and spiritual health. I started online grief counseling yesterday and I am getting back to doing the things that give me joy. There are three things I will focus on most in the coming months - myself, my cats and my house. And I hope to get back into gardening next spring. I am also making plans for the future with regards to finding a work from home job and doing some online courses to get there. 

After my last surgery on June 23, I picked up my crochet hook for the first time since all this started and rather than working on one of my WIPs I decided to start something new. I made a meditation rug. With yarn held double and a 9 mm hook it was finished quickly. And yesterday I started a new blanket, the name of the pattern is 'FOR' and I named my blanket 'For Me - My Healing Blanket'. I am glad that I am able to read and understand a crochet pattern again, I really could not concentrate on much in the last 3 1/2 months. 

I cannot really believe that it is over and I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions at the moment, but I know over time it will get easier. I have one more appointment at the clinic in 2 weeks and I plan to keep it to get my head wound checked one last time. 

My meditation rug, Mr. Moose approved.