Saturday, January 01, 2022

A new blanket

This is the second project I finished in 2021. I started it in August and finished it last week. The pattern is called 'Hope' which I found very fitting for my situation. Yarn is Lion Brand Mandala in Pixie.



 A very Happy New Year to everyone who is still reading this. 

May the new year be peaceful and gentle and a lot kinder than the old one was. 

I am not doing resolutions, but I have set some intentions for the new year:

- be kind to myself and take care of my body, mind and spirit

- make self care a priority

- be kind to the cats and to my house

- focus on the things that give me joy, my cats, my many craft projects

- and maybe do a spot of gardening again

Although the wounds and scars of my body are now healed I still need a lot of healing for all other aspects of my being. 2021 was brutal and violent for me and I need peace and quiet to heal my soul, mind and spirit. 

My word for 2022: GENTLE