Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Rough Times

 On March 29, 2021 my husband died suddenly from a heart attack while at work.

On the same day I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer and I have been in the hospital since then. After 4 surgeries the cancer is gone but I have a long way of reconstructive treatment ahead of me which I will continue as an outpatient. The cancer was on my head (it develops around the root of the hair) which means that most of my scalp had to be removed and in the areas where they used a skin graft from my thigh I will never grow hair again.

Needless to say that my new circumstances frighten me but I am determined to get on with what I call Maria 2.0 - my new life. I have friends that will help me and support me and the future is not as bleak as it could be, but it will be very, very different.

And this is what I looked like after two long surgeries.