Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Thieves!

I can't believe it, but somebody is selling photos on Ebay that have clearly been taken from my Webshots album. What people will do to make a buck! I have been slightly paranoid since the break-in and don't even want to blog anything personal anymore and now that. I would never even think about doing something like that and then they have the nerve to tell me that a lot of people take similar photos, yeah right, with my husband in them? At exactly the same time from exactly the same spot? Amazing, isn't it? And how come they knew exactly what photos I was talking about?
Maybe I should take it as a compliment that my humble vacation photos are apparently good enough to be sold. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This and that

Ever since the break-in I have not been feeling right. I feel violated and controlled. We found out that even more stuff is missing, it looks like they rifled through the boxes and took whatever looked interesting. And things don't seem to be getting much better. Yesterday we were told that we can no longer feed the birds and squirrels on our balcony. Our apartment complex has come under new management and it is slowly but surely changing for the worse. They are building a club house, a new office building and a fitness room and the manager on duty is driving around in a fancy golf cart like vehicle. I am afraid all this will also raise the rent. We moved here because it was quaint, quiet, affordable and did not have all that stuff. It started last year when they decided to put up vinyl siding, then they started to hand out monthly invoices and newsletters, a totally unnecessary waste of money. They are trying to turn this complex into something it was not when we moved here. We feel that it might be time to move on. We just don't feel good here anymore. And the police cars that come driving down the road every so often don't make us feel much better either.
We are currently looking into making some changes and pray for guidance to make the right decision.
My poor cat was scratching herself silly the past couple of days and we suspected that she might have gotten fleas, we were told that they can hitch a ride on a person and be thus dragged into the house, oh joy! So yesterday we decided to give her a flea treatment - what a violation! She seems to be scratching less but is totally upset and does not "talk" with us.
I also did something to my right thumb (probably computer-overdose) and it hurts and is stiff and swollen, I am operating my mouse with the left hand which slows things down a bit, but I really need to give the right hand some rest.
And the end of the story? I am upset, the birds and squirrels are upset and the cat is upset, makes for a great atmosphere around here, I am sure Del is glad to be at work. ;)
On the brighter side I was able to get some crafty things done. Our assistant pastor graduated last Friday and we were invited to a luncheon in his honor at the church on Sunday. The food was plenty and scrumptious, his wife and her family spent a whole day cooking all the goodies (for about 150 people). I made a beaded bookmark as a gift and a card.

And I made a prayer shawl for one of the ladies in our church, she liked it very much. I liked the pattern so much that I made a shawl for myself as well. The light blue one is hers and the olive/brown one is mine. They are both very soft and cuddly. Interestingly crocheting does not bother my injured thumb. :)

The Farmer's Market is picking up speed and this was last Saturdays purchase. We are eating a lot more veggies now. ;)

I have sold a few more items on Ebay and with the money I have bought a bunch of new yarn again, both for me and for projects to give away. I have been messing around with one of them, mainly to see how the colors would turn out. I see a new afghan in the future. ;)

And I found a really cute herb planter on sale. I may not use it right away but I am sure it will find it's place in my life someday (maybe sooner than we think).

I have been watching a lot of home makeover shows on TV lately and I found them very inspiring, especially the ones about de-cluttering. I have done a lot of that when we moved but it has been almost two years since then and STUFF seems to be growing back like weeds. I purged my wardrobe and took two big bags to the thrift store and the nice clothes to the YWCA for their career closet. These clothes were almost all new and have never been worn, they were from a time when I had money and too much time and a frustrating job. Now at least the will serve some less fortunate women.
It seems like all my "friends" back in Vienna have abandoned me. One of my former co-workers is the only one who currently keeps in touch and my friend S. in Germany. I understand that people have busy lives but no matter how busy I have ever been I always made time for people and things that were important to me, but apparently I am not important to them. Oh well, as I said earlier - time to move on.