Sunday, September 30, 2018

To Blog - That is the Answer

Hi everyone, I am back. I have decided to continue blogging and hope I will have some interesting things to show and tell.

Summer was long, hot and brutal. I find that the older I get the more I struggle with the heat, it hurts. I spent most of the last few months in the only cool room of the house, reading, napping, watching movies and doing very little of anything else I usually enjoy doing. It was too hot to even think about yarn, let alone touch it. I finished one shawl.

We got through hurricane Florence okay. She dumped a lot of water on us, flooded the basement and the mud room got very wet because the roof of it is leaking. All our trees remained standing and because there are no rivers nearby we were spared flooding. In preparation for the storm and in case the trees would come down and damage the roof or the windows, I moved all my stuff from the front of my room to the back. You never know just how big your stash is until you have to move it. When I moved it all back in place, I took the opportunity to do a little purging.

All that stress behind us, Miss Elsa got very sick. She had kidney problems, but thanks to catching it early, infusions of fluid under the skin and special diet food she is doing much better now. I think she is taking advantage of the situation and has turned into a little spoiled terror, demanding to be fed, whenever she feels like it and not eating any of the usual food, just 'her' food. We are now giving the rest of the gang a little canned food in the morning too, so they don't feel left out. Mornings are a bit stressful around here now.

The garden is the usual end of summer jungle and I am wondering if I will try to grow anything next year. If I do I need to come up with a way to keep the critters from stealing my tomatoes again.

Now that Fall is finally here and the weather has cooled down I am working on finishing my (way too) many WIPs. I will not start anything new until they are all done and dusted and I will not buy anymore yarn until my stash is gone, only if I need some to finish a project.

I am hoping for a productive and creative Fall and Winter.