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This Week in my Kitchen - Blog Hop

I love food and I love cooking and I am having a lot of fun visiting all those lovely kitchens in this blog hop.

So, without further delay, here are some pictures from another week in my kitchen.

Joining Heather
 It is hot here, so there is no baking (except bread) and nothing is being cooked in the oven. Anything that can be prepared on the stove top and does not need a long cooking time was on the menu, together with things that can be eaten cold. My kitchen is usually the busiest on the weekend.
Saturday morning pickings from the garden, lots of lemon balm for tea, some herbs and the first veggies.


We loaded up with fresh fruits from the farmer's market and the store.

Sunday breakfast preparations. I love a long and relaxed breakfast on the weekend.

Sunday lunch, chicken breast strips and ratatouille, served with couscous. The first meal that included vegetables from the garden,

Summer breakfast. Soaked oats for me, homemade granola for my husband, with fresh fruits.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I had a rocky start in the day when I realized I left some short pieces of yarn on the table last night and could only find 2 of the 3 this morning. I assumed my yarn eating boy Leo must have found them and I felt slightly panicky at the thought of having to do an emergency run to the vet. After I made breakfast and calmed down a bit I remembered that I put my camera and camera-cable away last night and checked if maybe the yarn got tangled in the cable - and yes, there it was. I am still feeling a bit shaky from the relief that discovery brought me but  now I can get on with my day.

Here is a little project I am currently working on (admittedly one of several, ugh, time to finish something). The first square was only meant as a test for something else I wanted to make and I used some yarn I had on hand, but then a friend of mine commented that she liked the colors, so I explored this version a bit more. Not sure yet, what it will become, but these little squares are fairly easy and quick to make. You can find a tutorial for them here on this blog: Color 'n Cream


Monday, June 23, 2014

Mercury in Retrograde

Is said to be a good time to tie up lose ends and finish old projects. So here is another one. I knitted the center part a while ago, it is another washcloth pattern and can be found on Ravelry. I used acrylic yarn because I did not plan on using it as a wash- or dishcloth. This weekend I made a granny square crochet border around it and the next step will be to turn it into a cushion cover.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Another nice and relaxing weekend. It included -

- grocery shopping and a trip to the farmer's market
- lots of yummy food, including the first meal with veggies from the garden

- a friend of mine back in Vienna showed her newly purchased 'Rose of Jericho' on FB, which reminded me of mine, which is about 30 years old. I put it into water and it came back to life.

- and a test crochet square for a future project that is swirling around my mind.

Joining with Karen

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Feline Friday

My boy Jack, enjoying his new window spot right next to me.