Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I had a rocky start in the day when I realized I left some short pieces of yarn on the table last night and could only find 2 of the 3 this morning. I assumed my yarn eating boy Leo must have found them and I felt slightly panicky at the thought of having to do an emergency run to the vet. After I made breakfast and calmed down a bit I remembered that I put my camera and camera-cable away last night and checked if maybe the yarn got tangled in the cable - and yes, there it was. I am still feeling a bit shaky from the relief that discovery brought me but  now I can get on with my day.

Here is a little project I am currently working on (admittedly one of several, ugh, time to finish something). The first square was only meant as a test for something else I wanted to make and I used some yarn I had on hand, but then a friend of mine commented that she liked the colors, so I explored this version a bit more. Not sure yet, what it will become, but these little squares are fairly easy and quick to make. You can find a tutorial for them here on this blog: Color 'n Cream



Tracey ~ Clover said...

Not the best way to start the day, and am glad Leo is okay and behaving. I don't do well when my mornings start out scary.

Your little project is really pretty! I have a few too many projects going now too and won't allow myself to cast on anything else until I finish something....maybe. :)

karen said...

Oh those panics....not fun at all. Love the squares and let's hope there are no more worries for the rest of the day!

Shirley Elliott said...

I am very familiar with the sickening feeling when you realize something is missing that could have been "eaten" by one of the cats. So glad you found the missing yarn. The test blocks you are playing with are beautiful. Will be interesting to see what you end up with.