Monday, June 09, 2014


Vacation is over, Del is back at work, the cats are restless. I think they miss him. Getting up early was surprisingly easy today after a week of sleeping in every day. Our kitties were really good at not waking us up too early. It is grey and humid outside, no laundry weather. I am catching up on some housework, need to make laundry soap and granola, vacuuming has been moved to tomorrow. Bathroom and cat boxes are clean, now it is time for some iced coffee and a spot of lunch.

I made two of the squares for my new blanket over the weekend. I love the pattern, it is so much easier than it first looked. I think that nasty Winter has traumatized me a bit and I feel like making lots of blankets for the next one.

I wish you all an easy start to the new week, stay safe and remember to be kind to yourself.

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Ondrea said...

Those crocheted squares are a lovely pattern.