Thursday, March 24, 2022

Gardening Part 2

When I stepped outside today a racoon walked nonchalantly through my garden and then disappeared under the fence into the neighbors yard. Last night there was a lot of screaming going on and I wonder what was fighting what. I did not see any traces this morning but it smells like something died in my shed.

I planted the herbs today and there is room for more in the bed, maybe I'll get some lemon balm, I already bought a separate planter for the lavender.

Then I put the decorative border around the newly cleared and mulched area (don't tell anybody, the bricks are not real).

And lastly I put a little fence around the bearded lily. It has spread out quite a bit and I don't want whoever will be doing the mowing this year to run it over. The fence should be visible enough.

I also started on my home improvement project by putting the big planters with the boxwood outside the front door. Next up is cleaning and painting the screen door and the posts. I am waiting for drier weather to do that. 

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