Saturday, April 21, 2007

Out and about on a Saturday

First thing we did this morning was sleep in. :) After a nice leisurely breakfast we went on our way. First we checked out the yard sale at our church, which benefits Relay for Life. We had contributed some stuff and it would not be a yard sale had we not bought something to even the score. :) I found two nice pieces of fabric and I never could resist a cute kitty cat. The whole purchase came to $1.25, which even we can afford.

After filling up the car we went to the Farmer's Market to check out what's available already. Oh how I wish I had a garden! The market was full with plants, flowers, tomatoes and herbs, lots of beautiful kitchen herbs! I know one thing, once I do have a garden, I will have purple and yellow flowers only, lots of veggies and lots of herbs. Since we have to wait at least another year until we will qualify for a mortgage, I have a lot of time to dream and plan.

After the market we drove to the Environmental Center and walked the greenway. It turned into quite the nature walk. In the parking lot I saw a lizard, which kindly posed for a picture.

My smart book about backyard fauna told me that it is an Eastern Fence Lizard, cute little thing, looks like a dragon. :)

We also saw a bunny (in the distance on the left side of the picture), Del caught a goose in flight and I really begin to appreciate the makro function on my camera for taking pictures of flowers and insects. The whole area is now bright green and looks like a jungle, we had plenty of rain and the level of the lake is high. We also saw lots of turtles, but did not get close enough for a picture and a chipmunk hiding in the undergrowth. I love walking there, hearing all kinds of birds and every so often something rustling in the dead leaves besides the greenway. It was nice and warm and sunny today, with just a little bit of a cool breeze. I hope the cold weather is now behind us and we can go walking more often. Here are the other photos.

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