Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Attention please! We are interrupting spring cleaning for a quick stop at Ginny's blog for this week's yarn along.

I am still reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I like it a lot. Some of the insights into the American food industry are downright scary. The rest is entertaining and inspiring.
I am knitting more slippers with the yarn my friend gave me. I really like the colorway of this one but I have no idea what yarn it is, it did not have a label. My guess is that it is the same as the pink and green one, which was Impeccable by Loops & Thread (made in Canada and sold at Michael's).

Now I am off to make some much needed laundry soap and then I will continue with my spring cleaning. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to check out what everybody else is reading and knitting this week.


Tracey said...

Barbara Kingsolver offers a lot of information doesn't she? With all the food books I have been reading I am scared to buy any food! I need to go back to reading something lite.

MJ said...

I loved that book!!! Such a life changer for me :).

Swanski said...

Beautiful yarn :)