Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June already?

Wow, what happened to May? It is usually such a long month but this year it just flew by in a blur. It is getting very hot here now and I think my project of the month for June is going to be taking it easy and do what pops into my mind. I am working on a number of different projects and will try to finish them this month, the garden needs attention and Del will be on vacation next week. We have some fun things planned, weather permitting.

My projects of the month for May turned out rather mixed.
  • I am still knitting on my lace project, it is going well but is a bit heat delayed at the moment.
  • I bought the pattern for the purse I want to sew but did not get around to actually making it.
  • My sourdough experiment was a total failure, I am just not meant to make sourdough.
Happy June y'all!

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Swanski said...

I agree with you, May flew by this time. I hope you have a fun vacation!