Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Morning

It was a lovely morning - except for the 6 brand new mosquito bites I woke up with. Darn thing must be in the bedroom, time to go hunting.

Homemade yogurt with peaches for breakfast. The first time I made yogurt with a culture instead of store bought yogurt for a starter, it came out great and tastes very good.

This morning's harvest. I confess to planting the beans a bit stupidly this year. I have to go hunting to find any in the jungle. Note to self: Next year plant beans in one row only. ;-) Have I mentioned that I am in love with my sweet little carrots? Will definitely buy more of these seeds.

An then, there was that. 


Tracey said...

Your garden is really starting to produce! I love homemade yogurt and try to make it every week. I have been straining it and then adding a little honey...yum!

Anonymous said...

Love the "cat cake"!! LOL


Swanski said...

Your cat seems to have a sweet tooth ;) I am still amazed at all of the vegetables you are getting out of your garden!