Thursday, June 09, 2011

Around the Garden

Today I am joining Farmama for a tour around the farm/garden. So, here we go.

Our garden is doing well this year. I planted beets and kohlrabi for the first time and they did well. I am going to harvest my first kohlrabi this weekend, I have already picked some of the beets.

I picked most of the lettuce already but there are still a few. The head forming variety was new this year, it looks like only one or two actually survived the rain and whatever it was that ate them.

The carrots did not get washed away after all and are now sweet and just right to be eaten raw as a snack.

The size of the zucchini plants this year amazes me. I spied a few squash bugs and I am fighting them with homemade soap and oil spray. So far, no damage.

Tomatoes are starting to show and tiny peppers. And the remaining raspberries are a favorite of the birds.
I am also picking the first peas. I eat most of them raw.

This is what my garden looks like in early June. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Tracey said...

I love your garden I have never planted or even eaten kohlrabi before...I need to change that!
Water is on for the corn...come on down!

Swanski said...

Your garden looks perfect to me! I bet you have tons of ideas when dinner time rolls around.