Monday, June 06, 2011

Farmer's Market and Food from the Garden

We splurged a bit last weekend because of the holiday so this weekend we had to take it easy and stretch the budget a bit. We did not buy any meat at all, just eggs, peaches, potatoes, blueberries and yellow cherry tomatoes.

Our garden is doing so good this year. I did see the first squash bugs and immediately declared war on them. I mixed up a soap and oil spray and I am going after them whenever I see them. I also sprayed the bases of the zucchini plants and we picked off all the bugs we could find. The nasturtium I planted between the zucchinis is starting to bloom, I hope this will help too. Next year I have to plant the nasturtium way ahead of the zucchinis.

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Tracey said...

Your produce looks yummy! I spent a lot of time putting up corn this weekend and finally picked a few ripe blueberries. A very weird season.
I spray bugs with soap, water and garlic! Nasty things those bugs.