Monday, September 22, 2008

Yard Sale

On Saturday we finally had our postponed church yard sale. It was fun. The weather was nice and sunny but not too warm and I managed to get a sunburn on my face. I had brought my gardening hat to prevent this, but it never felt hot enough to be worried, oh well, once it peels my nose will be as good as new. :-)
We managed to get rid of a lot of stuff again and we also bought a few things. It was actually a kind of exchange, the lady we bought the stuff from bought a lot of our things last year.
Everybody agreed that you definitely noticed a difference between last year and this year, people simply don't have enough money to spend on stuff.
I had brought some knitted dishcloths and baby booties and sold 18 dishcloths and 3 pairs of booties.
We bought 200 Christmas tree lights for $ 2,- to replace the ones that were stolen from our self storage unit. I also found a little wooden corner shelf for 50 cents, that will hang in my kitchen after it has been cleaned and painted white. The round boxes were just too cute to resist. They are nice and sturdy and I will use them to store some of my crafting supplies. They cost me $ 1,-, as did the little Halloween bears. Del bought a wooden bread box that he will use to make the switchboard for his model railroad, can't wait to see how that will work out and he got the green bowls for free with the box (he is good at haggling). ;-)

Well, at least we did not come home with more stuff than what we left with. I like yard sales it is fun to see what people thought they needed at one time and then found out they did not after all and to see what people are willing to buy. I sold some of my silver jewelry and a lady asked me where I got all the jewelry. I told her that I bought it because I thought I needed it at the time and she agreed, we all do that now and then. I rarely ever were jewelry anymore these days.

Having to get up early on Saturday threw off my whole system for the weekend and I was constantly tired. We treated ourselves to dinner at a Chinese restaurant we had never been to before and were pleasantly surprised. It does not look like much from outside, but it is very nice inside and the food was delicious.

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