Monday, September 01, 2008

Catching Up

I had a bit of an off week and did not feel up to much of anything. I did not do any sewing as I had planned to do, the broken AC threw me off. We also had bad weather, heavy rains, a power outage, no phone for almost two days and I was in a bad mood. Now things are lightening up a bit, my favorite season is about to begin and it is time to make a new start.

Let's start with another lovely birthday present I received from my friend Sabine in Germany. The poor package had quite a round trip because of a little mistake in the address and the postman not coming to the door to ask if this might be me. She sent me place mats, coasters and napkins with a pretty lemon pattern to compliment my kitchen curtains.

Here are some pictures taken the morning after the big rainfall, it looks like Fall has come early.

Miss Kitty had a new visitor in the garden this week. A female squirrel who is not very shy and figured out how to get the seeds out of the sunflower heads we tied to the stair rails for the birds.

More pictures can be seen here.

We are getting ready to participate in the annual yard sale at our church next Saturday. Yesterday we got the boxes with the stuff we want to sell down from the attic. Today we are going to sort, price and pack everything. Miss Kitty is a little worried because we are using our old moving boxes and she remembers them all too well. Every time she sees them come out in large numbers she thinks we are moving again. Poor thing.

I found a book in one of the yard sale boxes that I thought I had left behind in Vienna. I was looking for it earlier this week because I wanted to give it to a little girl in our church. I am so happy I still have it and can give it to her. It is a children's book about ballet, when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up she said 'a ballerina', so I hope she will enjoy it.

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