Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Material

Today I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store to pick up some of those upholstery fabrics. I got lucky, they were only 50 cents instead of 99 cents per roll, no matter how much fabric was on the rolls. I got 6 different ones in patterns and colors I like. Each roll had enough material on it to make at least one bag, some had a lot more.

I also picked up some new yarn. I think it is a shame that Walmart is the only store around here that carries Peaches and Cream, which is made in NC. I like it a lot better than the other yarn with the similar name that is made in Canada. It is cheaper but it holds up better in the wash and I like to use it for dishcloths and my bath mitts. I bought a 1 lb cone in peppercorn ombre and 1 ball in earthtone because I wanted to see how that one looks when knitted. I also got some yarn for a scarf I want to knit for a friend and because it was on sale I picked up some for myself too. The candy pink Homespun yarn was a thrift store find.

Now I need to finish a few projects and then I will look for purse handles and start working on the bags I wanted to make for quite a while.

The weather here is still wet but not quite as cool as in the past few days. Fall is definitely in the air these days.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
Love the fabric, wish there was a Salvation Army store near me. Let us know what you decide to make with it.