Saturday, September 06, 2008

A little Fall crafting

Well, the church yard sale was postponed due to iffy weather. We did get some rain and wind from Hanna, but it was not too bad in our area and we do need the rain. Since we did all our grocery shopping last night we were free to do whatever we wanted today. After a nice breakfast of pancakes with coconut and chocolate chips with fresh peaches, Del washed the dishes and then we headed off to our various projects. He worked on his model railroad and I decided to do some Fall crafting.

Remember the little doll that is sitting on my mantel? I bought him many years ago at an international craft fair and I think he is from what was then Czechoslovakia. His blue frock fits nicely in with my mostly blue living room.

Today I made him a new frock in Fall colors so I can keep him on the mantel with the other Fall decorations. I was searching high and low for a bit of lace I know I have somewhere that would have looked cute around the neckline but so far I have not found it.

And then I made a leaf garland for the kitchen. A bag of artificial leaves from the Dollar Store, inspiration from here, a couple of minutes at the sewing machine and I got this.

Now I am off to play in the kitchen, I want to try out something with tomatoes and cheese and buttermilk, I will post the result later (if it works out).


Vickie said...

r idea for the leaves very creative,
cheers vickie

Cindi said...

I love the garland. You are so creative and inspirational!