Sunday, July 06, 2014


We had a nice long weekend, interrupted only by that pesky grocery shopping, which I hate but needs to be done every now and then. The temperature has come down thanks to the first hurricane of the season to hit the Carolina coast. We got a little rain from it, but not as much as we had from other storms in the past, so putting water on the garden was the first thing I did every morning.

We stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables again and all the makings for cold dinners because we are heading into another week of temperatures in the 90s. Yuck!

Taking advantage of the cooler weather I baked something yummy for the weekend. You can find the recipe here: bake or break
The crust needs some tweaking for my taste, it is way too sweet for people who eat little sweet stuff and it got rather hard, next time I will reduce the baking time for it and use less sugar. The yellow color is from our farmer's market eggs, which have deep yellow, almost orange yolks.

I snapped a couple of pictures of our bunny, through the fly screen, so they are a little fuzzy. It is a very pretty bunny with huge dark eyes. It is really happy that we don't mow that often and is merrily munching the plantains which are plentiful this year.

I even found some time for a bit of crochet. I am still working on squares for my various blankets, but I could not resist another test square for a project that has been rattling around my mind for a while. This time with worsted weight yarn.

I started a batch of fermented pickles, took a FB fast on Sunday, raided the 'Free for Kindle' section on Amazon and started reading one of my 'bucket list books'. "Ulysses" by James Joyce.

Have a great week everyone, stay cool and be kind to yourself.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am not a fan of grocery shopping either, the buying or the putting it away.

I wish we had cooled from the hurricane, but we did have cloud cover from the feeder bands as it passed by. This morning we had thunder and pouring rain, it was gone by lunch, but I'll take it!

Enjoy a beautiful week,

Dianna said...

Your dessert looks so yummy! I like your idea for cold meals with hot temps in the forecast. And I absolutely love that beautiful crocheted square. I've done the afghan with the rose center...but yours looks exactly like a of my favorite flowers! Did you make this pattern up yourself? It is beautiful!

karen said...

I'm wondering if Frodo scared away the bunnies over here. We rarely see them. I just did my grocery shopping today and it was okay in terms of crowds. However a bit picked over from the weekend!