Saturday, July 12, 2014

Around the Garden

Something weird is going on in my garden. A volunteer sunflower that had sprung up in the cucumbers was beheaded and the head disappeared and I found a not quite ripe tomato over among the azaleas half eaten. Another tomato had been knocked off the plant but was still in the bucket. I think since there no longer are any cats in our garden (the girls moved in with us, the guys wandered off and I no longer put food out) we have a lot more wildlife than we used to. All the strawberries disappear as well just shortly before they are ready to be picked. This morning I scared off at least 4 squirrels when I went out to refill the bird feeder and a small grey furry thing was running around in the stuff under the feeder. My guess is it was a shrew since it tried to burrow into the ground, a mouse would have just scurried off. And we have more cardinals in our back yard than they have in the Vatican. Our birds had a very successful breeding season this year, we even have two young towhees. And they provide endless entertainment for our cats. The garden is doing well now and the veggies are coming in. I am already making plans for next year.


karen said...

someone has been eating my cucumber plants from the top down, I'm suspecting a deer...but not too sure.

Dianna said...

Your garden pictures are great! Makes me hungry!:)