Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Happy Wednesday everyone! Time to link with Ginny for another yarn along.

Last week's shawl is finished and ready to be mailed. And because I finished one project I allowed myself to start a new one (I actually started two, but more about that next week). I am working my way through my yarn stash. This week I am knitting Saroyan, the yarn is Red Heart Soft Yarn in leaf. It will probably become a gift for somebody.
I am still reading 'Home Cheese Making', before I can start experimenting with any of the recipes I need to buy some essential equipment. I also got 'Local Flavors' from the library but the recipes seem to be a bit far removed from my usual simple and good style and sound rather exotic.
Speaking of cooking. Can anyone share some yummy recipes for Swiss (or Rainbow) Chard?


Tracey said...

I do love the color you are using...very pretty.
I do have some recipes for you that I will get out in an email just as soon as I have a few minutes. Keeping up with a two year
old, a garden and all the animals is wearing me down.
Have a great Wednesday Maria.

Anonymous said...

I have Saroyan in my queue. I love the way yours is turning out.

Julia said...

I normally just add it to soups and saute it with bacon and onions. Your project is beautiful!

Swanski said...

That shawl is on my queue as well! I love the color that you picked.

Nadja said...

I have Saroyan in my favorites. I, too, thought I would use something in green(s) for mine when I get around to it. Very pretty!

amanda {the habit of being} said...

very pretty pattern for the color of yarn!

on the chard...we grow it in our garden and eat tons of it. i throw it into soups and pots of beans. i also love to sautee some bacon and shallots then throw in some chard at the end. the leftovers i use to make a frittata the next day.