Saturday, May 28, 2011

Farmer's Market and Kitchen Experiments

Our plan to go to the market before breakfast worked out, although we got there almost a little too early, not all the stalls had been opened yet and the guys we buy our meat and chicken from were running a little late but they did show up. Here is what we bought.

1 dozen eggs, peaches (ripe and yummy, we had some for breakfast), blueberries, yellow cherry tomatoes, chicken drumsticks for Sunday lunch and ground beef for burgers on Monday, a red cabbage I want to make some slaw with.

An update on my recent experiments: I am giving up on sourdough, after three days it smelled bad once again, I have no idea why, maybe I am just not meant to bake sourdough bread. The beet greens kim chee turned out well, with a definite note of beet flavor under all the ginger and garlic and nice and hot from the red pepper flakes. The beet kvass looks lovely but I have not tried it yet.
Next on my list of experiments is sauerkraut and lactic fermented pickles. Stay tuned. ;-)


Swanski said...

I love your market day pictures :) That is disappointing that the starters are finished before they are ready.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog via another. Love the photos you share of your farmer's market finds, too.