Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of May Garden

I can hardly believe how much everything has grown in the past two weeks. The zucchini plants are once again trying to take over the world, which makes me very happy since I did not have any last year. They were destroyed by squash bugs as soon as the started bearing fruit. This year I planted dill and nasturtium between the plants and so far (knock on wood) I don't see any sign of the dreadful bugs. The biggest of the plants has two blossoms. I also picked my first peas today and quite a lot of raspberries.
Unfortunately the weeds are growing just as well and we have to do some serious weeding tonight, especially behind the herb garden.
Last night we had a big owl in the garden! About 10 minutes before midnight I was woken by some noise and looked out the window to see if there were any kind of critters in the garden, that would
a) destroy the garden 
b) get into the garbage cans or
c) try to steal our car
I did not see anything move around but suddenly a big shadow swooped over the garden (it is rather bright out there at night because of a street lamp on our neighbor's property). It landed on the roof of the shed but behind the bush so I could not see what it was. Then is sort of sidled along the roof into view. It was a rather big owl. I woke Del so he could see it too. It sat on the roof for a while and then swooped noiselessly into the south field.  And I think I saw my first humming bird this morning, it went by really fast while I was hanging laundry and it was too big to be a bug (although we do get pretty big bugs around here). I have not yet heard any cicadas so it is not yet officially Summer.
Here are some photos I took this morning of our luscious green paradise. I am very happy that the garden is doing so well this year, we did invest a lot of work and money to bring it back to life after last year's complete failure.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

Your garden looks just lovely. After all the hard work and money it's so nice to harvest isn't it? We have an owl too,but he hangs out hopeing one of my chickens will escape!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your garden looks very successful! I'm glad you didn't give up!