Sunday, March 09, 2014


Sunday morning I got up at 5:30 am to feed the cats and noticed that the street lights in the park were back on. How nice, the houses are still dark and cold but the park has its lights back. After all, it is the park that pays taxes and not the people who live here. I think the city really needs to work on getting their priorities in order. A couple of hours later I noticed that the houses across from us have power, but alas, we are on a different grid and we are still cold, not dark though, because the sun is shining. Oh, and I slept another 12 hours, I can't remember when I ever slept that much in one weekend.

The great hunter went out again, this time in search of hot coffee and once again luck was with him, our favorite doughnut shop was open and we had coffee and blueberry muffins and doughnuts for breakfast. I guess we will be working on our fallen branches today and I will add a few rows to my curtains. Cats are already in the porch, it is sunny but not as sunny as it was yesterday.

I spent most of the day in the porch with my cats, knitting and watching the neighbors dealing with their destroyed tree. We had fried chicken (not KFC!) for lunch and got more coffee in the afternoon. My body is not happy with all that unusual food, I will be glad when I can cook again.

The power came back on at 8:22 pm, just as we decided to go to bed. The sump pump is merrily pumping away and I will have to cook the meat tomorrow that had just started to thaw, oh well, we just have our Sunday lunch for dinner tomorrow. What a weekend!

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Tracey said...

You did have a weekend, oh my.
I have often wished we lived closer too, I think we would have a grand time.
My allergies have started as well. I can't believe I planted over 5 acres of pines and now they drop pollen everywhere.
Have a great Tuesday.