Saturday, March 22, 2014


It was finally warm and dry enough to go out and do some much needed garden work. Here are some before and after photos of the areas we worked at. It was mostly cleanup and preparing for the next steps.

My herb garden, all cleaned out and with some new soil. The rosemary seems to have died but a nice lady at the garden center told me to just cut it back but not remove it. I also bought a new plant to encourage the old one to come back to life, I will plant it after the rain and snow that is forecast for the next few days. New herb seedlings will be started tomorrow.

Two of my three strawberry plants survived the Winter. I cleaned out their bed and put down fresh straw. I think I will buy another one to keep them company.

The area between the lilac bush and the forsythias always has way too many weeds growing. I put down heavy landscaping fabric and fresh soil and plan to plant shade loving wildflowers there.

The area around the rose bush and in front of the shed. I plan to cover the rose bush area with pine needles and put in some spring bulbs this Fall. And I want to construct a planting trough for sunflowers in front of the shed. I wanted to have sunflowers there ever since we moved into the house.

I am quite sure that tomorrow morning I will regret schlepping a 60 lbs sack of soil across the garden but for now I am happy with what we achieved today (there is always Bengay to make things better).

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Jackie said...

You've made great progress! I hope this is the last cold snap that you have. We've turned our a/c back on and I think it's on for quite some time.