Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scented Yarn. Seriously?

I grabbed a ball of cotton yarn at the store today because the colors looked so cheerful and spring like. I started crocheting hearts with it for a garland when I noticed a strange scent, strange as in not normally present in my house. A bit soapy but not bad. I sniffed the yarn thinking it might have come in contact with soap somewhere along the way when I noticed the little sign on the label that said 'scents'. I did not even know that this particular brand had scented yarn, I know the other one does. Oh well, I guess my spring heart garland will act as an air freshener as well. But is scented yarn really necessary?

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Tracey said...

Scented Yarn? Wow, I've never seen it, but will now have to keep an eye out for it.