Sunday, March 09, 2014


I am beginning to think that signing up for 'Friday Night with Friends' puts a jinx on the day. Last month my little cat felt poorly and I was all worried about her and not really in the mood for crafty things, this month, yeah, this month takes the cake.

We woke up Friday morning to a world covered in ice. It had rained all night and continued on into the day, freezing rain, sleet, ice pellets, snow, you name it, we had it. It looked beautiful but also scary. It kept raining, the ice coating on the trees kept getting thicker and heavier as the day went on.

Then it started, trees were snapping and falling all over the place and the air was filled with a strange scent that I could not identify at first but later realized it was the sap from the broken trees. There are a lot of trees in our neighborhood and there is not one yard which does not have a broken or downed tree in it. Two houses down from us a big tree in the back yard was completely uprooted and across the way a big tree looked like it exploded.

There are several trees missing along the creek as well and we heard from neighbors that the park behind their house lost quite a few too. We had a big branch come down from one of the trees in the front yard. It hit the house and made a lot of noise, but luckily it missed the window by an inch.

The power had been flickering off and on all morning and around 11 am it went out completely. And it stayed out. Since it does not make a lot of sense to sit around in a cold dark house we piled some extra blankets on the beds and headed to sleep around 7 pm. I actually managed to sleep for 12 hours with only one interruption. I woke up occasionally and cast an eye towards the clock to see if the power had come back on, but alas, it had not.

Now to my actual 'Friday Night with Friends' post. Thanks to everybody for the nice comments on my Friday post, which was not yet the FNWF post, by the time I was ready to post it, I had already been without power for most of the day, so here it goes. I had to abandon my originally planned project because my sewing machine really needs electricity to work, but my hands are doing just fine without it. I managed to finish knitting a square for my grey and blue blanket and I also added a few rows to the first of my kitchen curtains.


Jackie said...

I hope everyone in your neighborhood is ok and that power has been restored. I'd go to bed early too!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Glad you made it through the storm. Ice is horrible to deal with. Your knitted square is beautiful and I love the bright, cheery curtains you're working on.