Thursday, March 06, 2014

Creating Space

Since I switched from desktop to laptop I am spending a lot of time at the table in the center room (= the dining table in what used to be the dining room). When we bought the house the former owner told us that his mother used this room as a den and I thought that strange. Now we are using it for everything except sleeping and cooking. The living room is facing north and ever since the big cold spell we had, it has been closed off to keep the rest of the house warmer, once the temperatures go up it will be included in our living space once again, something the cats will be very happy about, and me too, I am beginning to feel just a tad claustrophobic and I have bouts of cabin fever.
But back to the center room. I kept a stack of my stuff on the table for easy access and when coffee got spilled way too close to it I decided I needed a different solution. So I did some re-arranging in the small bed room, that serves as playroom for the man of the house during warmer weather and otherwise holds a lot of stuff that can't be kept anywhere else, and grabbed one of the closet organizing shelves we bought a long time ago and created myself a home office space. Everything I need for plotting and planning and list making close at hand yet out of the way. I like it. The pillow in the picture serves as support for my hands when I am stitching, yes, I do all that at this table too because I use the laptop to watch movies while knitting and stitching.

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