Monday, September 19, 2011


My weekend included:

- a 30 degree drop in temperature
- a trip to the farmer's market with exciting new discoveries

- a visit to Whole Foods Market to buy some things that are hard to find around here
- a broken lawn mower - taken in for repair
- a broken fan - beyond repair (it kept us cool all Summer and saved us a lot of money)
- a leaky sink - already repaired
- watching Get Smart on DVD from the library (the original series)
- a lot of reading
- a bit of garden work
- green eggs, no ham, with spinach from the garden

I hope your weekend was a good one.


Tracey said...

We have had a little drop in temperature too although we are heating back up this week. Don't you just love Whole Foods? I wish ours wasn't so far away, I would be there all the time...oh, maybe it's good it is far way! :) xx

Jackie said...

I've enjoyed seeing your Farmers Market bounty all summer. You can send some of the cooler weather down my way if you'd like! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
Looks like you had a busy weekend, LOL
How did you like Whole Foods?
All the farmer's market food looks yummy!
Have a great week.

Swanski said...

I loved the first item: 30 degree drop in temperature!!! Yippee!!