Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knitting and Reading

Well, it is early afternoon and I finally found some energy to take part in this week's yarn along with Ginny.
I had a bad night, who gave permission for all night construction work in the middle of a residential area anyway? And not enough with that noise we had a big thunderstorm around midnight, throw in a few hot flashes and you can imagine how awake and fit I am today. I decided to take the day off, staying in my jammies, watching TV-shows on the CBS website and knitting cotton yarn leftovers (why do I have so many of them?) into garter stitch strips to be made into another under-the-cat-box-rug. When I run out of things to watch on the computer I will move on to an old TV show on DVD. I am reading 'The Help' and the book makes me feel so uncomfortable, I will never ever understand how one group of people can think themselves superior to another, that is just not in my nature. So I hate what is going on in the book but I will finish it.

I found my 17 year old cat in the porch panting like an old bloodhound and brought her into the house to cool off, now she is hiding under the bed. She has some health problems and I am very worried about her (big part of my not doing well these past few weeks). Please send some positive vibes our way. Thank you.


Swanski said...

Sending good positive vibes to your kitty right this very second!

Tracey said...

Oh Maria, except for the construction noise it sounds like we had the same night. Too bad we live a state away, we could have had a PJ knitting party! I read The Help and also had the same feelings. I don't get what all the hype is for this book. xx