Monday, September 12, 2011


Our weekend started Saturday morning with our usual trip to the farmer's market. We went a little later, I felt the need to take things easy. We bought eggs, potatoes, peppers, onion, apples, black berries and a spaghetti squash. I am going to buy at least one type of squash every weekend from now on. Sadly, there were no plums for sale at all.

When we came home we did some housework (vacuuming and tidying mainly) and after a quick lunch we set out to explore the Guilford Courthouse Military Park. What was once a battlefield (in 1781) is now a lovely park with a nice hiking trail. We walked the trail, which is 2.5 miles long and then visited nearby Tannenbaum Park which also was part of the battlefield. While at the visitor center we found a few brochures about other interesting places and discovered a whole net of hiking trails around three lakes in Greensboro. Lots more to do in the future!

Sunday morning we headed to the NC Zoo. Now that was disappointing. I have never seen such a huge zoo witch so few animals inside. You have to walk 5 miles to get around the entire zoo, which we did, but to be honest, there are nicer places where I can walk without having to pay to get in. Not something we are likely to do again.

If you are interested:     Photos of the Military Park    Photos of the Zoo


karen said...

Love farm market purchases. We have not been to a zoo in ages. Sorry it was not as fun as expected.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Our zoo in Columbia is ok, but the best I have ever been to is in San Diego. I think it spoiled me for all other zoo's.