Monday, August 11, 2008

No dye lot?

Despite the fact that it says "no dye lot" on the Red Heart Softyarn in off-white that I used for one of my shawls I found out on Saturday that the color looks completely different now. Great! The shawl was not big enough yet to be used as a shawl and I did not want to undo what I had knitted so far. So I just undid the last few pattern rows and ended it with several garter stitch rows. It makes a nice and warm scarf/cowl for cold days now.

Since this one was supposed to be a birthday gift I am now knitting a new one with a pretty berry pink yarn (the lady it is intended for wore a hot pink cardigan last Sunday so I think the color will be okay).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
I made a baby blanket for a freind and used a "no dye lot" yarn. Well...there was so much of a difference in color between skeins that I had to make a whole new one.