Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - August 14, 2008

Del is on vacation this week so we were able to do some things differently today. We got up around 7 am, had breakfast, fed the outdoor cat, Miss K. had been fed earlier at her request (as usual) checked our emails, took showers, shaved and got dressed.

We picked up our mail from the post office, including several birthday cards for me and a beautiful quilt magazine my friend Liz from England sent me.

At 10 am we met up with a group of people from our church for a trip to the Farmer's Market and lunch at the Moose Cafe. We had never been to the market during the week before and it was very quiet. Not as many vendors or customers as on Saturday morning.

Our church:

The Moose Cafe:

Lunch was really good and the portions were big. Good thing we left the car at the entrance to the market and had to walk a little to get there. :)

A few more pictures from around the market:

On the way home we stopped at a newly opened Aldi store, I was curious to see what they have and what their prices are like. I don't think I will do a lot of shopping there as they don't seem to have a lot of the things I usually buy but I will check out their produce section every now and then.

Then we went to the craft store to pick up a few things I need for my fall decoration.

I plan to spend the rest of the day with knitting, I am working on some items for Christmas at Sea and a cushion cover for my sofa. I don't think we will need a lot of dinner tonight after that big lunch.


Bobbie said...

I love Hobby Lobby!! I was there yesterday!

libby said...

Thanks for sharing your day. Loved the market photos and your craft supplies look wonderful.


tamlovesran said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. I love the set of photos from the farmers market. Can it really be time to start planning fall decorations? The summer has passed too quickly for me.
We've shopped Aldi's a few times. The prices were cheaper, but we found many of the products tasted pretty bad. But there were enough items that we did like that we would do some shopping there if there was a store in our home town.


Cindi said...

What a great day. Happy Birthday!