Friday, January 11, 2008


Here is my first quilt project of 2008. In 1999 I swapped friendship star blocks with several ladies on one of my quilting mailing lists. And as it happens so often I never got around to do anything with the blocks, until now. :)
My fireplace was screaming for some crafty decoration and so I picked out the blue blocks and sewed them together, machine quilted them and just added dark blue binding and voila! a fireplace quilt. :) While I figure out how to finally hang it (I am thinking velcro), I attached it with some sticky tape for the photos. And I must say I like the way it looks. I want to add more handmade items to my house to reflect who I am and what I like.

The quilt in this picture was the very first one I ever made. I use it as my calendar quilt for January and it hangs on a bookshelf in the in the dining room. Del made the wooden unit on top of it for me and we attached two quilt hangers, the cat pictures in the middle is from a craft fair.

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Mabiana said...

The fireplace quilt is very pretty.