Monday, January 28, 2008

My Weekend

Saturday I finished my new shawl. I really like the colors in this yarn (Lion Brand Homespun, color: Corinthian) but they never come out right in photos.

I made a batch of granola with dates, nuts and winter spices. It is delicious and warms you up nicely on a cold winter morning and I baked two loaves of bread. Normally I bake on Mondays but somehow we managed to eat all our bread during the week.

And I knitted a few small dishcloths just for cleaning the cat bowls.

I made yogurt, which, for some reason unknown to me, took 24 hours to "yog" instead of the usual 12, oh well, at least it finally came out right.
Sunday morning I prepared lunch to be cooked in the crock pot and started out with cutting my left thumb, ouch. According to my plans for 2008 I tried a recipe I never made before - "Morrocan Chicken Stew" from the BHG website. It was delicious and is definitely a keeper. I halved the recipe and used chicken thighs.

We started cleaning up our backyard a bit, but it was too cold to do much. So we just sat in the cozy living room and started planning our vegetable garden instead. I want Winter to be over, I did not move to the south to freeze off various body parts. ;)
And after much debating with myself, I decided to put one of my quilts into my Etsy-Shop.

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