Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Movie Night

One of the "new" things we are trying this year is dedicating some evenings of the week to a specific activity. Monday is reading night, Tuesday is movie and pizza night, Thursday is men's prayer group at our church. Monday and Tuesday plans are open to change, in case there is a hockey game on. ;)
We have quite an extensive collection of video tapes from our time in Europe as the only way to see a movie in English was to buy it on tape. I made a numbered list of all videos and now each week one of us picks a number (best out of three) and the pizza topping. Last week we watched "Dad's Army - The Movie" and had spinach and feta on the pizza. Yesterday we watched "Rear Window" with Christoper Reeve (quite heartbreaking to see him like this and knowing that he is gone) and had pepperoni pizza.
I also watch videos while knitting or crocheting.

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