Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The first handmade gifts of 2008:

A key ring or: What to do with leftover crochet flowers. :) It is on it's way to a friend in Vienna.

Another shawl, this one is for a lady in our church who celebrates her 80th birthday this coming Sunday.

And my handmade items for the Pay-It-Forward exchange.


Phyl said...

Oh, I got the one with the purple ribbon, and love both the knitted dish cloth and the ribbon!I'll use that in my embellishing scrap basket; thanks so much Maria!

Sew Prim Khris said...

Hi lovely knitted cloth arrived here in Oz. Thank you. I have never seen or had one knitted before so it will be great to try it out. Hugs, Khris

DaiseyB said...

What pattern did you use to make this shawl. This is exactlly what I am looking for to make for me and I would like to make some for the elderly ladies and the Nursing Home where I work. Could you please share the patterns name.

Thanks - Barbara in TX