Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spring is in the Air!

The purple table topper is finished! I spent three very warm hours on the sofa last night with a happily snoring cat in my lap, watching TV and stitching down the binding and removing all lose threads, etc. She actually demands now that I go sit on the sofa in the evening so she can sleep in my lap. Why does every favor I do for Miss Kitty become a chore? ;) She will be disappointed tonight, the hockey game is not on TV and I will listen to it on the internet. The little quilt got the Miss Kitty seal of approval and is now gracing the coffee table. I plan to work on some more quilty things today and tomorrow will be cleaning day. It has been so nice and warm and sunny the past two days that I am in the mood for some spring cleaning.
The two flower stems are my first spring decorations. I got them at Michaels for $ 0.99 each and I think they look really cute, the got bulbs on the bottom and look pretty real. Since my dear Miss Kitty eats anything that is green and growing, I don't have a lot of real plants and flowers around the house. I also picked up more glass pebbles from the Dollar Tree, I really begin to like them. :)

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