Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Plans and Goals for 2007 - February Progress

Personal Goals for 2007:
  • Learn to drive.
  • Not yet.
  • Find a church and attend regularly.
  • Done.
  • Let go of what hurt me in the past and live the new life I came here for.
  • Working on that.
  • Grow spiritually, continue on my journey to become a Christian (I am not sure I am already completely there, I am still struggling with a few things).
  • Working on that too.
  • Write a letter to my parents at the end of every month, complete with photos.
  • Doing that, January letter got lost in the mail for a while but has now arrived.
  • Keep a journal (on paper).
  • Doing that too.
  • Find a balance between computer time and "real" time. ;)
  • Still a bit too much computer time. :) But this is going to change now with the weather getting much nicer.
  • Refresh my Spanish skills.
  • Too busy with other things at the moment.
  • Read the Bible in one year.
  • Exodus 19-40, Mark, Leviticus, Luke 1-21
  • Read at least one book per month.
  • Still struggling with a thick but boring book from January.
  • Lose more weight.
  • Found out that starting a weight loss journey in the dead of Winter does notwork for me, will get serious with that in April. I did not gain any of the weight I lost last year back during Winter.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Going back to walking tomorrow! :)

Crafty Goals for 2007:
  • Finish my Women of the Bible Quilt (top at least), which means also staying with the study.
  • Doing good with that, I am caught up and current with the group. My blocks are here.
  • Work on my other sampler quilts: Civil War Diary Quilt, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, Dear Jane
  • I decided to ditch the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler after something that happenedon the mailing list recently, besides, I really don't need another big sampler quilt. I am dedicating March as my Dear Jane month and will make at least one block or triangle every day.
  • Finish one UFO (unfinished object - as opposed to WIP - work in progress, stuff I actually work on, whereas UFOs are usually laying around in all states of incompletion) per month.
  • I did not finish the UFO I picked for February, too many other things got inthe way.
  • Make all my cards.
  • I made a birthday card for my friend Sabine and a Valentine's Day card for Del.
  • Give hand-made gifts only (as much as possible)
  • Made a birthday gift that has not yet been given.
  • Finish all BOMs I started in 2006 (I am currently debating if I allow myself to start the new Debbie Mumm BOM).
  • I am working on the RCTQ BOM and decided not to start the new Debbie Mumm BOM.

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