Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WOBQ - almost there

I have one more block to make then I am all caught up and can wait until the group gets to the blocks I have not made yet. Today I made the block for the Mothers of Moses and an additional block for the two Hebrew Midwives who disobeyed pharao's order to kill all male Hebrew children at birth.


Sandra said...

Your WOBQ blocks are wonderful! I enjoyed your version of Potipher's wife. What a great project to do. Granny Fran also posts photos of hers regularly.

Jo Raines said...

These blocks are beautiful. I love the colors and the designs.

Granny Fran said...

It's fun to see your WOTB blocks, they are really well done and lovely colors. I haven't done the early ones yet because I started my group late, so I will start the new group that will begin in February and do the studies and blocks that I missed.
It's amazing to see how differently everyone interprets their blocks. I love seeing as many as I can.