Monday, December 04, 2006


We had quite an active weekend. Friday night we did our usual shopping plus a few other stores which we had to re-visit on Saturday because we forgot half of what we wanted to buy. ;) I can not believe it: It is the first weekend in December and the stores are almost sold out of Christmas articles. Has everybody gone crazy? I keep reading all those articles about how terrible it is that the greeter at Walmart can not wish you a Merry Christmas, but I have to read an article yet about how shopping like crazy is not what Christmas is all about either. All I wanted was a blue plaid ribbon to tie to my glass balls for the tree, went to Hobby Lobby and found the Christmas section almost empty. I can't believe it, the same at Lowe's and Walmart. My glass balls will be bow-less this year. :)
On Saturday morning we drove to Randleman to pick up our packages for the Victory Junction Run on Sunday. Then we got all our Christmas stuff from our storage unit and put up the tree. It is still naked and I am not sure that I really want it in the place it is standing right now, it blocks too much daylight. In the evening we went to Archdale to see the luminaries in City Lake Park, put up by the Girl Scouts. This year it was nice and dry and the park looked really beautiful. A lot of work goes into doing that.
On Sunday we got up early and drove to Randleman to take part in the Victory Junction Run, or rather the 4.5K Victory Lap, as a half marathon would be way too much for us. The weather was beautiful, a bit cold but really sunny. We had a worship service in the gym of the Randleman Middle School, lead by Kenny Crosswhite, pastor with MRO (Motor Racing Outreach). During the racing season he holds worship services for the drivers and crews at the various racetracks and he also holds a Bible study at Petty Enterprises. After the service we - the 4.5K participants - saw the runners for the half marathon off and then we were taken to the Victory Junction Gang Camp by bus. There we waited to see the the first runners arrive and then it was time to start our run/walk. I am still fighting the remnants of my cold - mainly a nasty cough, that just does not want to leave me - and I was glad we could do this at our own pace. We walked the course in about 45 minutes which is not bad for us. We normally average 20 min per mile when we walk in the park. Everybody got a medal and I love the T-Shirt I got, it has the John Bingham Racing Penguin on the front and he wears a shirt with the #45 on it. :)
After the race we all ate chili and fruits and granola bars in the dining hall of the camp. I took a lot of PHOTOS and as always I felt sad to leave the camp, but we will be back next weekend for the Holiday Party. :) The EVENT raised over $65.000,- for the camp which is really great, they were hoping for 500 participants and had about 800.
I am just a tiny bit sore today but ready to tackle my to-do list which is as long as my arm. :)

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Debra Dixon said...

I couldn't believe that almost all my neighbors has Christmas lights on by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. We just finished this past weekend and I thought we were going to be early. All the extension cords were gone at Wal-Mart. So, I do understand.