Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WIP Wednesday

I am making good progress with Del's Christmas present. The train station part is finished and one of the train cars as well. It has an awful lot of little pieces in it and even though it is paper pieced it is not quite perfect. In the picture it looks like it is standing on tip-toe but that is only because of the seam allowance on the bottom. ;) I am pretty positive that I will be able to finish it in time. I plan to make the other train parts today and assemble the whole thing either today or tomorrow and quilt it on Friday (no cleaning this week! ;). And just so in between I made a red hat. I am thinking about setting up an online shop next year and try to sell some of my crafts. I much rather give everything away as gifts but I could use some extra money to buy more supplies. And I will try and see about participating in craft shows, which is probably more fun than selling anonymously on the internet.
I also finished the healing/prayer shawl for my friend. It is really warm and cozy and chunky and very soft. I did not take a picture yet. I will mail it to her after the holidays, since she spends them with her family away from home.

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Debra Dixon said...

"I think I can, I think I can"! sounds like a familiar train story to me! LOL! and a favorite.