Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cookie Frustration

I baked two types of cookies yesterday and neither one of them came out right. I have no idea why. I followed the recipe and did not forget any ingredient. They are the type where you plop a spoonful of dough on the cookie sheet and when they bake they are supposed to first puff up and then flatten out. Well, mine did not move at all - I swear these things are as lazy as me and my cat ;) - needless to say, they ain't chewy either. If anybody needs something hard to throw at noisy neighbors or publicly speaking politicians, let me know. :)
That's it for me with Christmas baking. I might make some kind of cake for the actual weekend, but no more cookies.


Debra Dixon said...

Did you use the right kind of margarine? some have more fat than others and that affects cookies.

Maria said...

I used butter for both cookies.

Paula, the quilter said...

I blame my cooking failures on atmospheric conditions. Works every time. Yep. LOL!