Monday, October 09, 2006


On Saturday we went to two different festivals, both were very nice. The weather was not quite so nice, it was cool and wet, but at least it stopped raining along the way.
In the morning we drove to King to attend the King Fest, a festival in the Central Park of King that benefits the community. It was great, nice and small, all vendors were locals and the proceeds benefitted different groups and organizations in King. I like that a lot better than professional vendors and their overpriced stuff. We ate hot dogs, price winning cakes (they sure were delicious) and a caramel apple (never had one like that before). There was a car show and music and crafters sold their creations. There was also a youth fishing tournament at the catch and release pond in the park. King is a pretty little town with hard working good people living in it, everybody was very kind and friendly. I enjoyed the whole thing very much. PHOTOS
Around lunchtime we continued on to Lowgap. There we visited the Sonker Festival in the historical Edwards-Franklin House. A Sonker is a deep dish pie made with sweet potatoes or fruits. I tried the sweet potato one and it was delicious, we also sampled some of the fruity ones and they were very good too. The house is very interesting, it is from the late 18th century and has been restored by the Surry County Historical Society. There was good old fashioned music being played on the front porch and the whole event was very enjoyable. PHOTOS
I really enjoy these small events and festivas a lot and prefer them over the big ones with lots of people, overpriced whatnots and unhealthy food. It was a very enjoyable day.
Except - my Penguins lost their game. :(

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