Monday, August 08, 2016

We are back!

I know, technically it is still Summer, but there is already that slight shifting of the seasons in the air. Mornings are darker, damp, cool and foggy and the days are noticeably shorter.

We had some brutally hot days when even the AC was struggling to keep up and we had some bad storms.
Our jungle got removed (the city deemed our grass too high, now it is a brown desert) and Del started a new job in mid July in which he is quite happy. The cats are all happy and healthy and Mr. Moose is now officially an adult. To make things easier he will be celebrating his birthday in September with the rest of the gang.
I got quite a lot of projects finished (and new ones started) and I will share them here over the next few weeks.

I did a bit of soul searching as to if and how to continue with my blog. So many blogs I used to follow have gone silent this year and I sometimes struggle a bit too. But I decided I will go on, sharing bits of my life and the results of my crafting adventures and not to forget, the shenanigans of my kitties. And hopefully next year I will have to share garden stories again.

For now I leave you with a photo of a garden resident that I discovered yesterday and I'll see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I missed you!


June said...

So glad you are back and decided to keep your blog. I would miss you. I hate Praying Mantis. I've been "attacked" by them too many times. They leave a nasty paper-cut!!