Friday, August 12, 2016

Feline Friday

Mr. Moose guarding my knitting bag and testing a new kitty blanket.

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Shirley Elliott said...

I am so glad that you are back and that you have decided to continue your blog. I really enjoy the things you share and have missed your updates the last month or so. Your projects that you completed and the one you started are just beautiful. The blueberry lemon bread looks delicious. One day when you want to post and have no ideas, the recipe for that would be appreciated. There are subtle signs of fall here in Virginia. When I was driving back from my daughter's (in NC) today, the clouds were so spectacular and I even saw a few pumpkins growing in a garden/field. Hoping this is our last really hot and humid weather and we can transition into some cooler and less humid days very soon. I spent yesterday morning cleaning up dead and leggy plants and the pine needles are falling like rain. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Welcome back!!!