Thursday, August 18, 2016

Birthday Presents

My friends and family keep me in stitches. :-) From Del and the Kitties I got a cardigan and three pairs of socks, some assembly required, also some fancy knitting needles. The bag on the left is missing three balls of yellow yarn, they sent turquoise instead and now I have to wait for the right one to arrive. But fear not, the wrong color will become a hat, returns are such a hassle. The yarn will become this cardigan. The sock yarn is Felici from Knitpicks, it is not always available, so one has to stock up when one can get it.
The yarn in the penguin bag from my friend Coleen will most likely become this shawl (once I figure out some puzzling things in the pattern) and the mug is from my friend Sabine.

There was no cake this year because I was too hot and too lazy to bake one and the store bought ones are too sweet. Another year older and (hopefully) wiser.

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